The Unwritten Rules of Smoking With Friends

Smoking with friends is a much different experience than smoking solo, although both offer the ultimate pleasure of a nice, soothing high. Before a group smoke sesh, however, learn a few of the unwritten rules of smoking together so you don’t ruffle feathers and break all of the rules!

1- He who rolls the joint also lights the joint. This is a very important rule to remember when smoking in group seshes.

2- Puff. Puff. pass. Two hits, pass it to the next person in the rotation. More than two puffs and you’re considered a hog, even if it is your herb, your party, or you contributed the largest amount. It’s a group thing. Make sure everyone has equal hits and enjoys the herb the way they should.

3- Rotate Clockwise

This one causes confusion amongst smokers worldwide. Resolve the confusion and remember that you always pass clockwise. No matter who tells you otherwise, clockwise is the correct manner in which to pass the herbs.

4- Cool Story, Bro

Once you’ve hit the joint a few times, telling stories suddenly become a favourite pastime for many people. Unfortunately, your friends want to smoke and telling your story while holding the herb is going to ruffle a few feathers. Just don’t do it. If you cannot wait to tell the story, always remember the golden rule of puff, puff, pass, and then tell the story!

5- Don’t Slobber

If you are a slobberer, work on that before friends come over to smoke. It’s pretty nasty to pass a wet, slobbery joint to someone else and ruins the mood quickly. You don’t want to be handed a wet joint, so return the favour and don’t slobber on the joint. Dry mouth, dry lips, puff, puff, pass.

6- Don’t be a Mooch

Don’t be a mooch. Chip in on the weed online during smoke sessions. It’s okay to smoke off of a friend every now and again, but do not expect this to be a regular habit. Always hip in for the weed. Bud isn’t cheap, you know, and friends will get tired if they feel that you are freeloading. Just don’t do it. This is a golden rule of smoking weed! Everyone chips in on the weed and everyone is happy. End of story.

7- Take it Out of Your Pocket

The lighter, that is. Oops. You didn’t realize it was even in your pocket until reading that sentence, did you? So many people inadvertently stick lighters in their pockets where they remain until the rightful owner needs it the most. Losing a lighter due to a lighter thief is a terrible tragedy! Don’t be a part of this agenda and put the lighter down. On the table. Now, move your hand. Away.

8- Change the Bong Water

Bongwater is the least favourite thing about smoking. It smells horrible and if it spills into the floor or on furniture, the odour lingers. Bongwater also damages the bong, so go ahead and change the water -often. Many regular smokers change the bong water each week, however, the frequency varies from person to person. So long as it is cleaned regularly, that’s what matters.

A smoke sesh with friends is a great way to partake in the herb and have a good time with all of your favourite people. But there are a few unwritten rules to keep in mind beforehand so no one misses the total experience. Whether you are new to the smoking world or usually smoke alone, learning the unwritten rules as we’ve listed above is the easiest way to have a good time with your smoking buddies.

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